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How to use Google Ads Search to generate more phone calls for your business.

Are you looking to generate more phone calls from your Google Ads search campaigns? The good news is that there are two effective ways to do this.

The first is by using the 'Call' ad asset (or extension if you're old school). The Google Ads purists might ask, why mention ad assets before a 'call' campaign? The main reason is that it's a simple addition to an already live search campaign. 2023 is due to have its highest-ever smartphone user numbers in Ireland at 3.77 million people (with estimates showing growth of another 300,000 people in 2024).

The second option is to set up a 'Call Only' campaign. This is a specific campaign dedicated to generating phone calls, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if you are new or a novice to Google Ads Search campaigns, it would be a good idea to start small, unless you are a rather emergency personal service e.g. a plumber.

Call Assets (Extensions)

Call ad assets allow you to include a click-to-call button in your ad, making it easy for users to call your business directly from the search results.

Let's look at how to add this asset to your search ads:

1.) Log in to your Google Ads Account.

2.) Navigate to the 'Ads and Assets' menu option on the left-hand side of the Google Ads Interface.

3.) Click on 'Assets' and then the large blue plus button to add an asset/extension to your ads.

4.) Select 'Call'.

5.) The next page will ask you about your call details.

  • If you would like to add the call asset to your full account (great for a single head office number), a campaign (if selling multiple services and the business has multiple departments), or an Ad Group.
  • Create a new asset if your business has never used 'Call' extensions in the past, otherwise 'use existing' and select the number previously used.
  • The country code for the phone number and the phone number.
  • For the conversion action, you can select 'Calls from Ads' which will automatically report on the number of phone calls from search ads.
  • Advanced: You can set a time schedule for each day of the week depending on your business opening hours. There is an easy option to add 'Monday-Friday', and 'Saturday-Sunday' also (does not need to be added if your business is closed on these days).

6.) Click save.

Call-only Campaign

Call-only campaigns are great for generating leads for businesses, especially when it's a part of a marketing funnel and not a direct sale business, such as an eCommerce store.

Let's walk through how-to set up a call-only campaign for your business:

1.) Log in to your Google Ads Account.

2.) Click the large 'Create' button at the top of the main menu and choose Campaign.

3.) Choose the 'Lead' campaign option.

4.) From here you will be provided with a list of conversion actions currently available in the account that you can use for each campaign. We'd recommend keeping the conversion relative to the campaign KPI, so the phone call conversion. This is optional as you can always use the Report function to segment this data at a later time.

5.) Choose the 'Search' & 'Phone Calls' options. Type in a descriptive campaign name that helps you to distinguish performance. Everyone has their preference in naming campaigns, but a little advice would be to break the name into the following:

  • Campaign Type - Search
  • Sub Campaign Type - Call-only
  • Geo Targeting - Dublin, Ireland
  • Product/Service - Plumbing Callout
  • Optional: Audience/Demographics
  • Bidding Strategy - CPA
  • Target - €10
  • It might look like this:
    • search_call-only_dublin_emergency-callout_keywords_cpa_€10

6.) Review & Save.

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