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What can you achieve with YouTube advertising for your business?

Reach Customers Fast

Reach is essential for a successful digital media strategy, and is the fastest way to grow a following outside of current customers for when they want to buy your products/services.

Brand Awareness Ads

With ever improving measurement options for YouTube brand awareness ads, you can be sure that users are engaging with your brand through Brand Lift Surveys (BLS). These gauge any uplift in positive feelings towards your ads and brand.

Flexible Advertising

YouTube Advertising has diverse ad formats for each stage of the marketing funnel and sales cycle. e.g. 'Bumper' 6 second ads are best for mobile and cost efficient reach, while Video Action Campaigns (VAC) will help generate more sales/leads.

Channel Research

Attribution measurement becomes critical for Youtube advertising as conversions can be View-Through; meaning, people return to the site up to 30 days after viewing an ad to convert. Many businesses believe that since conversions aren't instant that budget can be better used elsewhere. Experimentation and measurement is important to find best solutions.

User Segmentation

YouTube is an amazing way to segment your content by audiences, and this is a certain way to get the most from your ads. We would recommend advertisers using at least 3 versions of each ad per primary target audience. This also give extra insights into which ads are performing best for cost efficiency and results.

Ad Formats to Suit Devices

All advertising strategies should incorporate the user's device in their planning. YouTube has options that are best suited to certain devices, e.g. a Home Page Masthead campaign is best suited to TV viewing, and desktops, while bumper ads are very much mobile focused.

How the YouTube Ad strategy works

With billions of active users on YouTube searching and viewing content each day, and the platform now being the second largest search engine online. You are sure to find your customers on YouTube, researching, consuming, and learning about products, services and even new skills. It is the perfect ad platform to find new customers, and to nurture your current revenue streams. Let's look at how Volume Digital can help you to develop a winning YouTube Ads strategy:


Set Goals & Objectives

Volume Digital will work with your business to discover goals, objectives and target audiences.

Media Forecasts

Thankfully, Google Ads does provide feature rich forecasting for media plans using the reach planner tool. You can know before a campaign what to in costs and performance.

Develop Media Plan

Volume Digital will provide you with a media plan that incorporates your inputs and our experience to find the most efficient traffic for your goals.

Campaign Activation

The YouTube campaign goes live to the masses. A safety check is kept on performance, and optimisation tweaks are carried out as necessary.

Report & Analyse

Once a campaign finishes, we provide you with a performance report and additional recommendations and optimisations for next YouTube ad campaigns are discussed.

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