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What are Google Display Ads?

Google Display Ads gives businesses the freedom to show potential customers context to your products and services through creativity. The Google display network shows your creative assets across millions of web placements, ensuring that you will find your customers with careful targeting. These ads are generally used to promote brand awareness, pipeline progression, and drive additional sales.

It's important to recognise that Google Display ads are not suitable for every advertising business, especially if you're searching for quick sales. The Google Display Network (GDN) is best placed in building awareness with current and potential customers for more engagement or sales down the line.

The Benefits of using a Google Display Network Ads Campaign:

Capture Cheap Traffic

It's well known that the Google display network is a great alternative to Social Media ads, with cheap clicks (CPC's) and amazing reach.

Brand Awareness Ads

Improve performance on conversion-focused 'Brand' campaigns by using cost-efficient image ads to tell customers about your products.

Great Targeting Options

Target customers who are already searching for your product/service (In-Market), or regularly search for your products/services (Affinity).

Create Product Demand

Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, create demand for your product/service for when they need it most.

Marketing Mix

Ensure that you optimise your marketing to incorporate the full marketing mix using demand generation, direct response and conversion-focused campaigns.

Scale, Scale, Scale!

You don't want to create an echo chamber of promotion to the same potential customers. The Google Display Network helps generate new audiences for your products/services.

Reduce Google Ads costs by improving on ad rank factors

Generate demand for your brand!

The Google Search Network has been long known to be the conversion-focused channel in the marketing mix, especially when working with large companies and digital agencies. However, you need your ideal customers to actively search for your products and services for this to be useful.

The Google Display Network (GDN) helps sow the seed of creating demand with potential customers before they need your product. When the Google Display Network is used correctly, it builds affinity with your business' potential customers; having created brand awareness, your other marketing channels will benefit.

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