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The Benefits of Google Search Network Ads:

Pay Per Click Only

You only pay for people who click on your ads, meaning you have the best chance of getting results from your chosen budget.

Amazing Ad Reach

The fact that 'Google' is now a verb to obtain information, it is the first step to find new products/services for the majority of online users and potential customers.

Intent Focused

The difference between the Google Search Network and other marketing channels is intent. Don't get ignored on awareness channels (e.g. Social Media) when people are actively searching for specific information using Search Ads.

Optimal Targeting

For best use of budget, it's best to know your target market for budget control. However, there are endless targeting options to find new customers and audiences e.g. Demographics, Audience and Ad Scheduling.

Easy Budget Control

Thankfully, there is no minimum limit for Google Ads budgets, but it's important to note that some industries benefit from larger budgets due to higher cost-per-clicks (cpc's). This tends to correlate with competition, average order value and LTV.

Get Quick Results

It's well known that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is free, apart from time. But this is generally a long process for most businesses. PPC advertising speeds up the process by giving businesses the opportunity to show ads in prominent positions within 24 hours.

Google Ads Search Targeting

There are ample ways to target your potential customers online, however, there are none better than the Google Search Network at finding and capturing willing buyers. Google has done a fantastic job at giving advertisers the right tools to find people searching for particular products and services, demographic targeting, and web users who have a particular liking for brands and products.


Demographic Targeting: If you know your ideal customer, then you know if a particular gender, age-range, or marital status may come in handy in narrowing your targeting and budget spend. ***Some countries, including the US, allow household income to be targeted.

In-Market Audience Targeting: One of the best ways to expand your potential customer pools when using the search network. In-Market audiences contain web users who have searched for a particular product/service in the past 24 hours. The list of products and services is large, so there is a good chance that it contains your products and services to capture like-minded customers.

Affinity Audiences: Generally speaking, these are people who have demonstrated a passion for a topic or event. Similar to In-Market audiences, there is a large list of affinity audiences that will most likely contain relevant users for you to target in your business e.g. 'Fashionistas' would be a good fit for boutique clothing, or an e-commerce clothing store. Affinity audiences can be targeted using Search, Display, and Video campaigns.

Remarketing: Have you ever felt like a sale may have got away from you? You're not alone, and that also may not be the case with remarketing audiences. This audience strategy pools previous users of your website with updated ads that correspond with the pages/products they viewed. This can significantly improve conversion rates across the buying cycle. However, it's important that the users have a seamless web experience previously to make sure they want to return to your website.

Is the search network right for your business' key performance indicators (KPIs)?

To avoid wasting budget on a month-to-month basis when using Google Ads, it's very important to have a primary KPI to focus on for your campaigns. If you have multiple goals of the same weight, your ads will not perform as wanted. Pick a primary goal, such as increasing sales (revenue), return on ad spend (ROAS), or a target cost per acquisition (CPA).

While the primary goals, mentioned above are key, secondary goals relating to brand awareness should certainly be monitored to gauge your website users' engagement. Some secondary goals can include 'New Users', 'Time on Page', and 'Bounce Rate' (although less important for highly targeted, and page-specific ads).

If you're unsure of the key performance indicators that your business should be monitoring with Google Ads, get in touch and we can help point you in the right direction.

Reduce Google Ads costs by improving on ad rank factors

Pay-Per-Click Advertising FAQ

Pay Per Click advertising can be confusing for many advertisers, and even people who have experience with Social Media advertising. There are similarities, but it does take a change in mindset to full understand the bidding for Google and Bing Ads. Read more about PPC bidding below.

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