Advertisers can face ppc restrictions for certain industries; are you in one of these industries?

The digital world is still relatively new, and businesses have to learn as they go. While there are a lot of things you can do to attract more customers, it's no guarantee you'll succeed. However, if you resort to pay-per-click advertising through Google Ads, you'll have to face different rules and restrictions. 


It is possible to combat PPC restrictions and still be successful with pay per click advertising. In fact, if you do it right, you can come out on top of the group. When most people think about PPC restrictions, they think about industries that are deemed too sensitive for PPC advertising. Commonly restricted industries include pharmaceuticals, finance and locksmiths. The latter is such a popular topic that many have made specific articles about it . While those three might be the most obvious examples of industries that get pay per click advertising restrictions, they're not the only ones that exist.

PPC advertising restrictions for Alcohol consumption

Alcohol and tobacco are two of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. These industries are subject to a wide variety of legal restrictions, including age limits, licensing requirements, and health warnings on packaging.

In addition to these legal restrictions, PPC advertisers may face additional restrictions when running ads for alcohol or tobacco products.

Google Shopping search results for items that contain alcohol or tobacco content (including accessories). For example, if your product page includes a picture of a bottle of wine with an attractive label, then you can't use Google Ads to promote that page.

Some additional items to consider when advertising alcohol products online:

  • Don’t target users who are below the legal drinking age in a particular geo location.
  • Don’t imply that drinking alcohol improves your life in terms of social, sexual, professional, intellectual or athletic standings. 
  • Don’t depict excessive drinking/drinking competitions as a favourable pastimes. 
  • Finally, a big nope, would be showing alcohol consumption in conjunction with any vehicle operations.

PPC advertising restrictions for Dating Services and Adult Content

Dating services: Adult content, dating, and sex industry products and services are not allowed to advertise on Google. This includes websites or apps that contain nudity or mature content.


While it's not illegal to advertise adult content (or any other type of content) on the internet, Google has decided that it doesn't want its advertisers to do so. This is because they feel like they cannot adequately filter out inappropriate ads from their network without having more control over what gets advertised.


PPC advertising restrictions for gambling

While advertising of gambling is officially allowed on Google in particular, you will need to pass through some hoops in order to become registered & certified by the advertising giant. 

Certain keywords related to gambling, such as "bet", "lotto" or "gambling" are banned from appearing within search results for Google AdWords campaigns. This is because of a concern that these ads could encourage people to gamble online, which is illegal in many areas around the world.

Similar to alcohol, you will also need to avoid targeting any users under the age of 18 in any location to avoid ‘disapproved’ ads. 

There are geolocation restrictions for the Gambling advertising industry, so please be sure to check out the official list here:


PPC advertising restrictions for Payday Loans

Payday lenders and short term credit providers have been banned from advertising on Google since 2012.

Payday loans are short term loans that are usually due on the borrower's next payday. They are often used as a last resort when people need money quickly. These types of loans can cause serious financial problems if they aren't repaid in full and on time, so it's important to make sure you understand all the details before you get one.

Google has strong policies against promoting these types of services on its platform because they can be harmful to consumers. Some people may not understand how much they will have to pay back or how long it will take them to pay back the loan, which could lead them into more debt than they anticipated and cause them significant financial harm.

If your business is involved in any aspect of payday lending or short term credit then you will need to ensure that your ads comply with PPC guidelines by not targeting keywords related to these industries.


PPC advertising restrictions for Pharmaceuticals

If you're in the pharmaceuticals industry and you've been advertising on Google, there's a good chance that your ads have been disapproved.

Why? Because Google has strict laws to ensure that ads for certain industries are not misleading or deceptive. For example, if you're selling pharmaceuticals, they need to be approved by the FDA in the US, or potentially some country specific requirements.

While this is frustrating for advertisers, it's also good news for consumers. It means that Google is being responsible about the kinds of ads they allow on their site.

PPC advertising restrictions for pharmaceuticals are often more stringent than other industries. Google has strict rules regarding advertising prescription drugs. These rules include prohibiting ads from targeting patients with a specific condition, including a search query that contains the word particular.


Apply a healthcare certification for approved advertising

Online pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and others looking to use prescription drug terms in ad text or landing pages or health insurance advertisers in the United States — need to be certified with Google in order to advertise. If you are such an advertiser, here's how to apply to be certified:

  1. Adhere to all country-specific requirements - review the country specifics here:

       2. Fill out the Google Pharmaceuticals Advertising certification application: online application form.


PPC advertising restrictions for Locksmiths

There are a few industries that are not allowed to advertise on Google AdWords. This can include locksmiths, and other emergency service providers. Locksmiths are an integral part of the community, providing services that help keep people safe. However, there are some restrictions on PPC advertising for locksmiths that you should be aware of before creating your ads.

The main reason for this is because Google doesn't want people to be taken advantage of by unscrupulous businesses who charge a high price for their services. They also do not want businesses who have poor customer service records.

The Locksmith Google Ads policy prohibits advertisers from using text ads to sell locks or keys. These products must be sold through a service-based offer. For example, you can use an ad to promote lock installation and replacement services, but not sell new locks or keys in the ad body.

What this means for you: As long as your ads focus on offering services like lock installation and replacement, they'll generally be approved. If you want to sell new locks or keys in addition to promoting your services, you'll need to create a separate landing page where visitors can purchase these items directly from you.


PPC Advertising Restrictions Conclusion

There are a number of industries that have restrictions on pay per click advertising, and sometimes this isn't explicitly clear from Google or Bing. If you're looking to advertise for these businesses, make sure you conduct appropriate due diligence to determine whether or not such restrictions apply to you and your ads.


Before running ppc ads, advertisers should consult Google's list of restricted industries. If you fall in one of the industries listed above, you may be subject to additional scrutiny. This means that you may have a higher chance of your campaign being disapproved or suspended. To help avoid these issues, be sure to apply for any certifications involved with particular industries, consult with Google Ads support, and use common sense in ad copy and content.

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