How to use Google Ads in Full Funnel Marketing

Full funnel marketing? It's a savvy business approach where you guide would-be customers along the path to purchase, just like a funnel guides liquid into a bottle. Starting with the 'Awareness' stage, you catch their attention, nurturing them with information until they're eager to make a purchase.

Here's how the process flows:

  1. Awareness stage (Funnel top): Your potential customers stumble upon your product or service, thanks to advertising, social media, or content marketing.
  2. Consideration stage (Funnel middle): As these potential customers weigh their options, give them all they need - product demos, case studies, customer reviews - to understand why your offering tops the rest.
  3. Decision stage (Funnel bottom): Now they're teetering on the brink of a purchase. A tempting call to action, like an offer or discount, could tip them over the edge.
  4. Action stage (Funnel base): And they've bought it! Make this stage seamless, providing top-notch customer service for a positive experience.

Full funnel marketing aims to turn would-be customers into real ones. By supporting them at each stage, you're on the way to a successful sale.

Full Marketing Funnel Illustration

Now, how do Google Ads fit into this?

Google Ads let businesses craft and roll out ad campaigns on its platforms. You can utilize Google Ads for each stage of the funnel, tweaking your tactics for maximum impact. However, remember to employ different targeting options to resonate with potential customers at every stage.

Top of Funnel (TOF): Ignite interest in your product or service with an awareness-building campaign. Display or video ads work wonders here. Make use of keyword targeting, demographic targeting, and interests to reach your audience.

Middle of Funnel (MOF): Now, satiate their curiosity with a campaign showcasing demos, case studies, or reviews. Retargeting or custom intent targeting will let you reach people already interested in your offering.

Bottom of Funnel (BOF): With the decision impending, a campaign with irresistible calls to action should do the trick. Location or device targeting can help you reach customers ready to purchase.

Keyword and Audience Targeting in Full Funnel Marketing:

Keywords are crucial in funnel marketing. These are the words people punch into search engines when they're on the lookout for something. At each stage of the funnel, you can use different keywords and audiences to grab their attention.

Awareness stage (TOF): Use broad keywords linked to your product or service. For example, if you're selling running shoes, "running gear" or "athletic apparel" could draw in fitness enthusiasts. Target interests or demographics to find your potential customers.

Consideration stage (MOF): Specific keywords related to your product or service come in handy here. "Best running shoes" or "running shoe reviews" would reel in those seeking information about running shoes. Retargeting or custom intent targeting can help you reach this audience again.

Decision stage (BOF): Action-driven keywords like "buy running shoes" or "running shoe sale" will speak to those ready to buy. Location targeting or device targeting can help you find customers close to your store or those using certain devices.


To Summarize: Mastering Full Funnel Marketing with Google Ads

Full funnel marketing, in essence, is your roadmap to customer conversion. It's about taking potential customers on a journey from their initial discovery of your product or service to the final buying action. Google Ads stands as a potent companion on this journey.

With Google Ads, you can craft targeted campaigns to speak directly to potential customers at each stage. Tailor-made ads coupled with strategic keyword and audience targeting make for a powerful marketing mix, enhancing your reach and resonance with the right audience.

Top of Funnel (TOF): Attract a broad audience with interest-triggering keywords and awareness-focused campaigns.

Middle of Funnel (MOF): As customers explore their options, provide valuable information with well-targeted campaigns that emphasize your product's value.

Bottom of Funnel (BOF): At this critical decision-making stage, use compelling calls to action and unique offers to nudge potential customers towards purchase.

Used wisely, full funnel marketing and Google Ads form a potent duo for businesses aiming to boost conversions. They offer a structured, strategic way to guide your audience towards a purchase, amplifying your chances of turning potential interest into real sales. Ultimately, they're valuable tools for businesses seeking to grow, convert more potential customers, and achieve increased sales.

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