The 8 Most Misspelled Brand Names In Google

If you've ever made a typo in a Google search, you're not alone. In fact, some of the most popular search terms on the world's largest search engine are misspellings. According to data from Google, the top 10 misspelled search terms are all brands or popular products. The most misspelled brand name worldwide is "Nike," followed by "YouTube," " Adobe," and "Samsung."Interestingly, the second most popular misspelled search term is actually the word "Google" itself. Other common misspellings include "Facebook," "Hulu," and "Xbox." While some of these brands have cleverly registered common misspellings of their names as official domains (such as, others are still missing out on valuable traffic due to searchers' typos. So if you're looking to drive more traffic to your website, it may be worth registering some common misspellings of your brand name.

A recent study by showed that Hyundai was one of the most commonly misspelled brand names in google searches in the UK, with an average of 605,000 incorrect searches per month. It’s possible that some people deliberately spell it wrong in order to find cheaper alternatives to the popular car brand. Whatever the reason, it's clear that there is a significant number of people who are having trouble spelling Hyundai correctly.

According to the study on Google searches, car brands seem to have the highest instances of misspelled brands:

Car makers seem to be the misspelled brand names

Hyundai (Correct) vs. Hundai vs. Hiundai (misspelled on average 605,000 times monthly).

Lamborghini (Correct) vs. Lamborgini vs. Lambogini (misspelled on average 365,000 times monthly).

Ferrari (Correct) vs. Ferari (misspelled on average 123,000 times monthly).

Infographic: Hundai? Lambogini? The Most Commonly Misspelled Brands | Statista


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